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About Ortho Florida

Ortho Florida is owned solely and equitably by its member physicians. Each solo or group practice whose physicians join Ortho Florida becomes its own Care Center under the “umbrella” of Ortho Florida.

The design of Ortho Florida allows each Care Center to retain as much individuality and independence as legally possible while satisfying both the federal and state definitions of a group practice. In the eyes of the public, each Care Center can maintain the same identity they had as solo or group physician practices prior to joining Ortho Florida. The physicians at each Care Center can maintain the same employees, practice patterns, call coverage, and income distribution formulas, as long as the policies are compliant. Furthermore, the Ortho Florida practice model gives physicians the potential for more flexibility and mobility in regards to their practice setting.

The control and governance of each Care Center is, for the most part, determined by the members of that Care Center. Ortho Florida is governed by a Board of Directors elected by all Ortho Florida members, whose purpose is to address all issues requiring decisions by the Ortho Florida “umbrella.”

Because Ortho Florida fits the definition of a group practice, certain business functions must be done in common for all of the Care Centers in order to fulfill legal requirements. The removal of these non-clinical activities from each Care Center frees up both physical space and human resources, so that the physicians and management at each Care Center can focus maximal efforts on patient care and revenue generating activities.

The “umbrella” structure of Ortho Florida bears similarities to that of other large Florida based specialty medical groups. These large groups have been successful in improving the practice environments of their respective member physicians.

Ortho Florida, however, is unique in its potential to provide musculoskeletal specialists the opportunity for the development of additional revenue sources through ancillary services. The size and multiple geographic locations of the Care Centers comprising Ortho Florida promote ancillary service development beyond what is possible for the traditional solo or group physician practice. Physicians from differing Care Centers may use and profit from ancillary service revenues at locations apart from their own.